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The song itself is quite simply phenomenal, and Finn already knows how much I respect his talent! The background images and animations are also ridiculously impressive.

That said, the character appearance and animation leaves much to be desired, and is quite honestly the weakest part of the presentation. But hey, you're still really young and have lots of time to learn and grow and improve your illustration and animation abilities! So don't give up, and I look forward to watching you improve over time. Let me offer up a few helpful hints:

Really study images of the human body in order to get better at drawing people. While I've certainly seen worse proportions, the male and female within the video are incredibly stiff and possess some very unrealistic features. From the back view, the back itself extends too far upward and almost gives the appearance of having a hump, which I do not believe was intended. Your hands and shoulders are way too rounded; once again, study those aspects and smooth them out in a more realistic way. Arm and leg movements are also really stiff and awkward at this point. And finally, when viewing the head and neck from behind, the neck would continue up past the back of the head rather than the other way around, like it is here.

Having a really amazing song and gorgeous backgrounds boosted my overall score quite a lot, but had I gone strictly by the merits of the characters and character animations alone it would have been a much different story. When those aspects come together in a more harmonious way, you're going to have a seriously killer repertoire. Best of luck going forward! :)

VivendmaYoutube responds:

Thanks! I tried to add my usual humor in it as well.. like Bea Hogg as the girl's name

This is quite simply the best PSA I've seen since Dumb Ways to Die first earwormed its way into my heart! Incredibly well animated, with excellent visuals, music, and sound effects backing up the brutal action. There was clearly some inspiration taken from series like One Punch Man and classic Dragon Ball Z, which makes for quite an interesting mix in the world of Pokémon. Very kind of you to give the fine folks of Newgrounds the perfected version, too.

Nice protection and avoidance tips. Mosquitos are annoying enough to begin with, but the Zika virus is some seriously bad business. What the world needs is more dragonflies to help control the buzzing bloodsucker population!

Oh, man...this is so good! Made me smile and actually laugh out loud. Thanks for making my day.

The art and animation style are excellent, as are the sound effects and music. The whole thing comes together just right and is thoroughly engaging. Also a very fun and unique take on the whole Zombie Apocalypse idea that's totally been done to death but somehow never gets old.

Stanley is quite the hero and I'm sure we would all love to see him again, but the story is just as good as a standalone project. Bravo! Looking forward to future submissions.

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This is a pretty fun and rather unique game, especially considering how incredibly arbitrary the whole process actually is. I'm still not entirely sure if there's some sort of condition that needs to be met in order to find the Schrödinger-like cat in the box alive or dead, or if it's just as random as the cat effects you get by hitting the spacebar. Nevertheless, it is indeed quite challenging, sometimes frustrating, and generally kind of cute...in a dark and strangely morbid way.

The backgrounds, animations, and other moving parts look very nice and feel natural. The music, while highly limited and decidedly repetitive, sounds fine and serves an interesting purpose by reversing while the spacebar is held down. Sound effects, while also fairly minimal, are nonetheless effective and appropriate for the tone of the game. Besides the technical and aesthetic elements, it's always great to earn a couple hundred medal points! I know it's an extra draw for me, at least.

I did come across one weird medal glitch while playing, so I figured I would take a moment to report it here. During my initial playthrough, I earned all the stars for every level as I completed them, and when I finally got through the 30th level it was the TASK 2 medal that popped all by itself. After that I finished TASK 3, then had to play the game over from the beginning to finally get TASK 1 to activate. Obviously, if someone earns more than one of the medals on a single run through all 30 levels, they should get all the medals they've earned.

Overall, I would have to say that this is a solid Puzzle game, despite its unique reliance on luck. Some skill is indeed required, and simply tapping the button without any kind of analytical thought process going on won't get the job done.

Besides, the idea of cats doing all kinds of crazy stuff while you're not observing them is totally symbolic and 100% accurate. Great job and congratulations on landing on the Front Page!

Cute and quirky, but loves to freeze up on me and has done so across several attempts. I may never be able to finish the game itself if that keeps happening. The premise is very bizarre of course, just like the myths themselves, and your one of a kind art style is always uniquely enjoyable. I've generally become accustomed to your particular style of music, but some of the tracks here actually gave me a headache. :P

The gameplay leaves something to be desired, and not knowing which enemies can be killed using the sword or need to be jumped on is more than a bit bothersome. Controlling Pegasus is ridiculously awkward, though I suppose that was intended to ramp up the difficulty of the "race" against the Sphinx. In a more straightforward race based on speed rather than gathering golden olives, Pegasus would win without even trying.

Death comes quickly and easily, but then you're right back into things with another chance, so dying in and of itself means very little in most stages. There are some silly little Easter eggs sprinkled here and there, and it's always nice to earn medals.

Not a bad game, though I would probably offer up at least another half star if I could play without those frustratingly random freeze-ups. FYI, the browser I use is Chrome and there was nothing else going on in the background at the time. Hope that helps!

A well made game that relies too much on the luck stat. I can't really say that it's a very original idea, which I'm sure you already know since you've used this same formula before, but at least it's done well enough to be interesting. And there are medals to earn, which is a nice bonus. The game looks quite nice, the background music is really relaxing, and it has one hell of a difficulty curve. Maybe instead of "Easy, Medium, and Hard" the levels should be named "Entirely Possible, Not So Much, and All But Impossible."

Skill is absolutely a part of the game, but in the end simply moving on to the next level requires inordinate amounts of luck, as well. Moving on to the 3rd level in the Medium bracket should not take numerous repeated attempts...that's just frustrating and really hampers the game's overall level of playability.

I also kind of thought there would be more to the constellation theme of the game, like actually trying to make certain ones out of crystal chains, but ultimately it's just a naming convention gimmick, so that was a little disappointing. Ah, well. The game is good, but could certainly be improved upon. Three and a half stars from me.

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Man, I played FFIV so much that the cart eventually glitched out and I ended up losing all my save data. It only hurts when I remember all the Pink Tails that I collected. I was pretty much indoctrinated into the world of Final Fantasy beginning with this game, though I ultimately went back and played the earlier games in the series later.

Suffice to say, this is an excellent mix, and the nostalgia factor is off the charts. Very faithful to the original track, but with some interesting changes, like the slight tempo change and additional reverb. It really takes me back to all those days spent becoming a Paladin, traveling to the Moon, and watching the dramatic love triangle between Cecil, Rosa, and Kain unfold. I was in awe of the scope of the journey, and the music enhanced the experience tenfold.

Listening to your version puts that same smile on my face. Thanks for the memory.

IoTheEternal responds:

my pleasure hun!

Interesting story - I originally rented ff6 (3 on snes) but they gave me ff4 (2 on the snes) instead in the box - so I played that as the first final fantasy, and man was it epic. One of the best final fantasies in my memory. Everything in it was perfect. FF6 is my second favourite.

I never bought the cartridge , only ff6, but I have it on ps1 as the ff anthology part, and also on emulator. I am actually amazed this song sounded as good as it did.. I remember back in the day remarking on that too - lucky fluke i suppose haha,..

glad you liked it man - I tried to make this one really wide to encompass that cavelike feeling :)

thanks for the review!


Not really impressed with the all the extra arpeggios added to the mix, honestly. In moderation it might have been okay, but they're all over the place, and the rather poor quality of the instrument samples becomes even more readily apparent. Not great mixing and mastering overall, and with how classic this particular Tetris theme is, making a version with different notes substituted throughout the track just feels wrong.

I can't really give a much higher score, especially since unfinished works will never garner high marks with me simply on principal, but I can sort of dig your vision. It's the implementation that needs work. Suffice to say, I have heard many, many remixes of this particular track, and some are positively mind-blowing. But man, keep working out those ideas! And for goodness sake, see them through. Unfinished projects and WiP tracks will always have an extra strike against them, right out of the gate.

Ah, nostalgic waves of FFIX. This is an excellent mix, from the instruments and percussion, to the phrasing and timing. Mastered very smoothly, this track has a crisp and clear sound to it that really draws me in. Fantastic job, Shawn!

Hearing all these classic Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger tracks makes me wish that Square Enix would remake all of their amazing games! Not in the style of the FFVII Remake, but with the same spirit and style that make them great back in the day, simply enhanced and made new for a generation that missed out on them the first time around.

On a more personal note, I'd love to play a version of FFV that isn't bugged all to hell! xD

IoTheEternal responds:

bug the bugs were what made them special.. in ff6 all mine had swapped palletes from too much relm sketching hahaha..

glad you enjoyed hun - this was one of my big pieces back in the day :)

thanks for the review!


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Snake!? SNAAAAAKE!!!

Very fluid animation, and the idea of a snake skipping rope with his own body is always fun. The floaty little top hat is a very nice touch.

A plain white background is admittedly rather boring, but at least it doesn't detract from the character animation. Good stuff.

The lovely Belldandy! The elements really come together in an interesting way here, from the ruined cityscape in the background, to the main subject alighting placidly upon a relic of defunct machinery. Her colors are so bright and vivid that she easily stands at the forefront of the image, making her appearance feel both angelic and ethereal.

The colors themselves are somewhat muted, but that just makes it feel even more appropriate for the time period and art style. What medium did you use for the foreground elements? It looks like colored pencil and ink. A little more sharpness to the lines would be ideal, but very nice nonetheless. The curvature of all that windswept hair—especially those loose, curly strands—could stand to be a bit smoother in places. Her wings actually look luminous, and the dress is beautifully rendered with fine details and shading.

Ah! Megami-sama! was among my favorite early anime series, along with other such greats as El-Hazard, Tenchi Muyo!, and Bubblegum Crisis. Interestingly enough, I had my first taste of anime during a sojourn in Tokyo when I was just a boy, with the always iconic Sailor Moon.

IoTheEternal responds:

we all love sailor moon :)

The originall of this was done with pencil - it was so fine and light you could barely see it as it had also probably faded over the years. I took advantage of that to keep her wings luminous - and darkened the other lines a bit and coloured the rest in photoshop - I wanted a bit of a matte appearance to go with the style.

I like as you say, the placidness on the ruined cityscape - almost as if its time doesn't affect her, as she is engaging with it almost outside of time. No watercolours used for this one , although my other pieces do utilize watercolours :)

glad you liked! Thanks for the review man! :)


Not too shabby, as process images go. Like Cyberdevil mentioned, there's a lot of detail that goes missing from frame to frame, and that's unfortunate. You should really take the next step by filling in those missing details and cleaning up your line work.

Don't forget that her feet are what keep her grounded, so their location should not be moving within the frames when she's standing still. Kind of an important detail, that. And hey, if you do work on this some more, I'd love to see a full-color finished version.

While it's obviously important to keep the main focus on Pipimi, even character artists need to spice up their empty space a bit. Consider adding a nice background environment for her to inhabit, as well.

Hey, maybe you're 100% finished with this and you've already moved on, and that's fine. But I hope you'll at least take these suggestions to heart for future reference. I'm happy to drop a little feedback on pretty much anyone, but work in progress (WIP) stuff will naturally earn lower marks than finalized, much more polished work. Excelsior!

I'm just a guy who enjoys a wide variety of artistic pursuits, both professionally and in my free time. Please check out my musical repertoire, and if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to leave a review or send me a message.

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