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I'm just a guy who enjoys a wide variety of artistic pursuits, both professionally and in my free time. Please check out my musical repertoire, and if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to leave a review or send me a message.

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Pixels taste delicious!

Zero fat.  Zero calories.  Pure retro goodness in every bite.

Come and get your fill during the 4th annual installment of this one-of-a-kind Newgrounds event—PIXEL DAY!!!

And just in case you haven't already been indulging, allow me to get you started with...

The Wizard's Grimoire


Apparently my last news post was on Pixel Day, too!  So that's fun.

And hey, while you're at it, gobble up all the TRIPLE XP that @TomFulp has decided to bestow upon us today!

Have a safe and happy Pixel Day!*


*Don't do drugs, operate heavy machinery, or drink to excess.  It may inhibit your ability to enjoy Pixel Day.  Or not.


Recent Game Medals

141,120 Points

Cartographer 25 Points

Fill in the entire world map - which doesn't include secret underground areas.

Unlimited Blade Works 10 Points

Collect 150 different items of equipment. You don't even need all of that.

Secret World 25 Points

Use the three Spiritual Stones to open the... Door of Time?

Video Games 10 Points

Talk to every type of games console. They won't talk back.

Public Servant 10 Points

Complete 20 quests for NPCs, hoping they'll ignore all of the damage you've done.

Boss's Boss 25 Points

Imprison your boss in a shipping container, for later use.

Chest Grabber 50 Points

Open 400 treasure chests. You should be in jail by now.

100K Damage 5 Points

Deal over 99,999 damage with an attack - remember to exploit buffs, weaknesses, and statuses!

Code Breaker 10 Points

Discover one of several secret codes.

Family Roots 5 Points

Remember what you came from, and keep visiting your family even when you're famous.

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Salad Fingers 2016

Added to pumpkins for Carve n' Share Oct 29, 2016.


Added to faces for Cathode Raybots Feb 16, 2016.

the Golden Turd

Added to faces for Cathode Raybots Feb 11, 2016.

Bomb Shelter

Added to levels for Nock Nock Nocking Dec 13, 2015.

Cozy Cottage

Added to worlds for Pixel Box Worlds Feb 11, 2015.


Added to faces for Cathode Raybots Feb 11, 2013.

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