Time for my final news post...

2016-12-12 19:27:18 by ChronoNomad

...of 2016, that is.  Everyone else makes clickbait-y subjects, so I figured what the hell.  Haven't been posting very often or even submitting all that much in the way of music in the last six months or so, but hey--there's still some noteworthy stuff to go over!

First of all, and most recently, I finally hit 222 fans!  Sure, that may not seem like much by some user standards, and plenty of the earlier fans probably don't even frequent good ol' Newgrounds anymore, but since the number 2 in any form has always been lucky for me, it's still a pretty important personal milestone.  It's also what made me finally decide to write up another one of these lovely News Post things.  I just want to say thank you to each and every one of those two hundred and twenty-two fans; also to all the folks who have stopped by for a listen, voted, reviewed...you know, all that good stuff.  Also a special thank you to a select few of you who know me personally and put up with all my crazy-go-nuts antics!  You guys seriously rock.

It's been a truly eventful year, although that has mostly been outside of Newgrounds, hence the fact that I've been here less and less over the last couple years.  But hey, I still love this place!  It's always a hub of bustling activity, and I will never stop doing my part when it comes to watching, voting, playing, voting, listening, voting, and just generally being a part of the NG cummunity.  Did I mention voting...?  I don't think I'll ever stop coming here, unless of course it ceases to exist for some weird and inconceivable reason.

As for the music, this track has gotten over 29k plays since June of last year, so if you haven't heard Called to the Sea yet, check it out!  It won't take much to boost it up and over 30,000!  That would be so epic, and I think you'll like what you hear.

And finally, I hope that you will check out my newest submissions!  

Thanks for being awesome.


~ ChronoNomad


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2017-02-12 08:31:19

Scary clickbait tatic. XD That's a massive amounts of hits btw, and looks like it's up at past 43,000 at the time of writing!! Congrats on that, as well as the fancount! Here's to another amazing years.

Thanks for sticking around; making awesome stuff!

ChronoNomad responds:

Sneaky, sneaky! But yeah, it just keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny. Nothing short of incredible, really. Thanks for the kudos, man! Looking forward to many more years of making music and sharing it right here.

Heh, you're welcome. What can I say? I like it here! :D