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2014-04-23 01:10:25 by ChronoNomad

I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but life sure is some kind of crazy, mixed-up rollercoaster ride.  The ups and downs, the push and pull of it's enough to make a person go completely mad!  Unless you can manage to sit back and enjoy the journey when it all goes sideways, that is.  Or at least muddle through when it's all at its murkiest.

And yet there's beauty to be found in the whole ridiculous mess, and that's where I'm sitting right now.  Maybe I don't completely know where I'm going, but I certainly know who I am and where I've been, and that makes all the uncertainty worthwhile.  This feeling probably won't last because, well...nothing ever really does in the strictest sense, but that doesn't mean I'll stop hoping that the good stuff somehow manages to outweigh the bad.

So, for now - in this very moment - I'm feeling good.  Maybe even great.  And as we all know, the art that flows from the soul is a reflection of our innermost thoughts, feelings, opinions, beliefs, blah, blah, get the idea.  I mean, this wasn't really supposed to become some long-winded thing, but it's late and I'm still surfing the highs, and yesterday my clock turned over another full year of existence that has culminated in a wiser, more interesting, and somehow even weirder version of me.

I guess I'm meandering, but I don't really care, so if you're reading this - to quote someone infinitely special to me - "Sorry, not sorry."  I may have actually said it first, but so what?  By the way, here's a fun new Electric Ambient track that I finished recently.  Whee~!



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2014-04-23 22:10:48

I tried to comment with just ":)" but newgrounds said it was too short.

Oh well.

Happy birthday!

ChronoNomad responds:

Haha, thanks man! I really appreciate it. Stay awesome. ^__^


2014-06-26 21:37:30

Hey you! Mike wanted to know if you have checked this place out yet
Maybe we should get together some night and go out to dinner or have you over for a BBQ ?!? See you at work. ;)

ChronoNomad responds:

Oh yeah! Folks have been telling me to get my butt over to OverClocked ReMix and become a contributing artist for a while now, and I keep dragging my heels on it for some dang fool reason. Got a bunch of friends who already have stuff there, and I've certainly got enough tracks that fit the bill. It really is high time for me to become a part of that community, methinks...

I would absolutely be up for going out to dinner or joining you guys for a good ol' BBQ! Hanging out with fun and interesting people is one of the few joys in life, after all. My off-work time is currently split between two different cities, but we can hammer out the details at work. Or maybe outside of work, since fraternization of any kind is deemed a mortal sin by the powers that be. ^__~ Feel free to send me a PM anytime, too!

See you around the office and give Mike a high five from me! Welcome to Newgrounds, and I hope you enjoy perusing my rather expansive repertoire at your leisure. :)