The NGADM continues!

2013-09-19 21:41:11 by ChronoNomad

I just won't be continuing with it. It's been a pretty cool experience overall, but I'm a little sorry to see it come to an end. At the same time, I'm also kind of relieved; it's a grueling two weeks of composition each time, followed by an excruciating wait that feels about ten times longer than it really is while the judges deliberate and finally release the results. Five days somehow feel like an eternity, so it can frazzle one's nerves just a tad, waiting to find out if you're moving on or dropping out.

Nevertheless, the good has far outweighed the bad, and I am very pleased to have been a part of the 2013 Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch. I've gotten acquainted with many talented artists throughout this process and am walking away with new friendships, scads of impressive feedback, and a sense of personal growth. Getting all the way to Round 3 is, in and of itself, quite an achievement. I was happy to pass the auditions, and the rest has mostly felt like a dream. This particular dream may have ended, but the music is only beginning. Be on the lookout for more from me in the near future, and until then I will leave you with a list of the songs that got me this far and the one that ultimately wasn't quite good enough to beat the incredibly talented etherealwinds who - interestingly enough - added his vocal talents to my Round 2 submission, Tir Na Nog.

Audition ~ Forever Fantasy (2011)

Round 1 ~ Anthem of the Adventurer

Round 2 ~ Tir Na Nog

Round 3 ~ This is Not the End

Tir Na Nog is by far my best and most popular composition from this contest, so if you listen to just one, make it that one. That being said, they all have their own merits, so do yourself a favor and listen to them all!


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2013-09-27 12:00:48

You did darn good man. Keep up the great work!

ChronoNomad responds:

Thank you for that. I'm working on something new even now! ^_^


2013-12-01 09:53:48

Congratulations on making it as far as you did! I know how demanding the contest can be...It really does take an enormous amount of time, patience, and willpower. Lets hope we both make it further next year!

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks! Amen to that, man. Let's kick some collective butt next year! :D