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Weapon of choice

Posted by ChronoNomad - April 28th, 2011

Hey, who doesn't like weaponry? Guns, blades, blunt instruments, etc. Yes, they're dangerous. Of course it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Regardless of that fact, with the proper respect weaponry can become a useful tool in our daily lives...right?

So, what's your favorite type of weapon? Make and model? Whether you merely admire it from afar for its aesthetic qualities, or even if you've only gotten to use a particular weapon when playing a game, I think it would be interesting to hear about. Existing weapons, mythical weapons, or even a weapon design that came straight from your own twisted imagination--let's hear about them!

After detailing the weapon in question, go ahead and say a few words about why you like it. Is it the overall design that makes it so awesome? The way it leaves a visceral, crimson trail of death and destruction in its wake? Or the fact that it can decimate whole armies with little to no effort when used successfully? Do tell!

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my twisted weapon is a dual scythe i use it for one of my charaters in my story check out my post and leave a comment for any ideas..... Smoke Bomb

Dual scythe, eh? Would that be like a staff with a scythe blade on each end? Two blades on the same end? Or are you talking about dual-wielding a pair of scythes? I'm imagining the first idea, and while it would certainly look cool and create a spinning vortex of death, you really wouldn't want to make a mistake with a weapon like that. One slip and you'd reap yourself...

yeah the first one i should made that more clear. My buddy made a fake version and i tried using it but well it did not end well... i broken it but the blade would be pointed away from each other like a twister

The Tsar Bomba to its maximum potential.

No need for anything else unless its a better one.

Ah, those Russian physicists do love their high-megaton yield hydrogen explosives! Gigantic mushroom cloud, anyone? Nice weapon of choice, though make extra-specially certain that you're far, FAR away from the blast zone when it detonates. Like the opposite side of the planet, maybe.

Generic Jo staff (Jo comes up to about the armpit, Bo is much higher). Light, quick, yet still devastating. Single crack to the head, they're out. Most ancient martial arts Jo maneuvers for when people grab it are still used by current military for when someone grabs the barrel of, say, a soldier's gun. And if that's not enough of a show of how effective it is, then just watch someone trained with the Jo swinging it around. You can hardly see more than a blur in the air where the Jo is passing through.

Sounds like an excellent choice to me! I've always loved the Bo staff for mid-range fighting, and a pair of tonfa batons serve quite nicely when I'm up close and personal. Blunt weapons are perfect for quick KOs.

Tonfa? Excellent! I've had about two years of training with them. They were my first alternate weapon choice right out of the gate at black belt. A weapon with such strong offensive AND defensive capabilities is right up my alley.

Kind of like a tank, right? lol