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So I heard you like Pixel Day...

Posted by ChronoNomad - January 23rd, 2021

What a coincidence—so do I!

I've made a bunch of tracks for this fantastic Newgrounds holiday since the whole thing began back in 2016. Each year I spend (probably too much) time playing the retro-style games, scoping out all the pixel art and animation, and getting lost in the chiptastic tunes. Sadly, I wasn't able to submit anything last year, thus breaking my perfect streak of audio submissions since it all began, but hey...I'm back, baby! And I would be honored if you would give a listen to my newest Pixel Day installment:


~ ChronoNomad


Comments (11)

Welcome back man! Happy Pixel Day! Broke my streak back in 2017 apparently, I thought it was a bit more recently... though it wasn't really a streak back then at all.

Hope to keep it going now though! It's a nice tradition. Contender for my favorite of the year so far here: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/aleha84/car-in-a-snowy-yard

Yeah, this is a pretty cool day of retro goodness, and I've always enjoyed it. I've seen a ton of amazing pixel art today, but that's one of my favorites, too!

This is good soundtrack. I like your music. Happy Pixel Day!!

Thanks, SuperCat! That's incredibly kind of you to say. I'll be sad to see Pixel Day end, but hey--it'll be back again next year!

@SuperCat904 @ChronoNomad I'm also sad that Pixel Day is ending. But the truth is, the year will fly by quickly

Just getting better and better each year to it seems! The effort level some peeps put into their work, and the level of artists that maybe join up for this day in particular... inspiring times.

Regarding the Paragon X9 nod I hope I'm not refering to the wrong track now. :) It was the one I recalled with an icy title, though she had a very icy style overall for a while, may have been another from the same era. Thanks for the response, always appreciate these creative swaps! You have such a cultured and clear way of writing too, ups the bar a bit on ample interaction.

Yeah, this thing has really blown up over the years. I mean, it certainly doesn't hurt that retro gaming is a ridiculously popular medium! And when you're a fan, any form of artistic expression becomes a labor of love.

Welp, if that's not the right track, I'll probably just go on a PX9 adventure. It's been a minute, so I'm about due. Always a pleasure to converse with those who are talented in it, such as yourself. Never hurts to smarten up the joint, am I right? Excelsior!

Too true. Really is fascinating how timeless certain forms become, as well vinyl with regard to music. Despite all technical innovation we somehow revert to and find benefits in older and more limited sets of expression. It can't be we're all just innately nostalgic can it...?

If you haven't explored that particular musical realm yet that might be a fun run indeed, as far as I know she doesn't have a single bad track. :) Impeccable track record! If you like the style of course. Mad trance.

Ah I might've been introduced to a new favorite proverb now too! Carpe diem's getting a bit too common. :) Forever moving; forever truant; for every abeyance you do need new nuance, to rise to the races and feel more fluent!

You are like what you do here indeed, right. ;)

You know quite a few languages hmm, bits and pieces or some you speak fluently too? Are you mayhaps by profession a scholar of foreign lingo? Curious now.

Bits and pieces of many, and none quite so fluent as my proficiency in English, but I'm fairly well-versed in German and Japanese, as well as the "Dead Language" known as Latin. My Spanish is passable, though somewhat rusty due to years of neglect. Besides knowing how to curse in far too many languages (lol), I've always been interested in the origin of various dialects and the curious nature of slang.

It may indeed be a small world, but the study of language is almost incomprehensibly vast!

@Cyberdevil Ah, and to answer your other question, I'm just one of those crazy weirdos who has been blessed/cursed with an eidetic memory. Absolutely wonderful when it comes to good memories, but...not quite so much when it comes to traumatic events. Sometimes being able to forget is the true blessing.

@Cyberdevil And how in the devil (hehe) have I neglected to follow you all this time? I apologize for such an unseemly oversight! It has now been rectified, though I always followed your exploits with a keen eye (and ear) regardless.

Ah that explains the proverb earlier. Hehe, picked up on some suitably course sounding Arabic swears during earlier years in Saudi too. :) Haven't had much use for 'em since but that particular strain of vocabulary is for some reason pretty easy to remember... nice to know. I'm just fluent in Swedish and English myself, might've been better at Spanish if I kept that alive too; know bits and pieces of Japanese, German and French. Latin though: how did you get into that? Do you enough to the point you can somewhat speak it?

That is true... the more you travel the more you realize the word's really so much vaster than it might seem at a first glance as well. It feels like with the Internet these days, and our somewhat false sense of globalism, it's easy to feel like all countries are just a step away; that we've bridged cultures online, when really we've barely interacted at all; just find certain common denominators to share in, with a mutual language we feel like we all understand. I feel like if you've sojourned through Africa for a few months though then maybe you can then really start to say you've been places...

Still barely scratched the surface of all. And the languages we know are just the ones we speak now. History's majestically immense.

I do know a fair bit of French as well, though that, too, has become somewhat rusty with disuse. With as spotty as Google Translate can be, it's usually at least good enough to get the gist of what's being said when memory or lack of tutelage will not suffice. As for the Latin, I've always loved the language, which ended up being quite helpful during my stint in the Medical Records department of a local hospital. But even my background in Latin couldn't help me read the chicken scratch that doctor's notes and signatures tend to be. xD

Happily, I am quite well-traveled, though I feel like much of that is probably behind me now. I've grown content to sit a spell and just...be. Which is a good thing, I think--especially with the current COVID restrictions in place. Still, I hope that we can one day get back to some semblance of normalcy.
Thanks to the Internet, even far-away places seem somehow nearer at hand. I've met so many folks from all over the world, and even had the good fortune to find friendship in places that I've never set foot in. But if I ever do set out on another adventure, my first destination would almost certainly be a return visit to Japan. The culture and sights are amazing, the people are always welcoming, and the food and drink is unrivaled...at least to my palate!

It always seems to me like, the more I know, there's infinitely more that I do not. There's just too much to see and do and learn about in this world, and there's always more being discovered. So in the end, with all the things I've experienced and wisdom that I've gained, I know just one simple thing for sure: in the grand scheme of things, I know nothing at all.

I do envy that special strain of memory. :) Picking up new wisdoms is a constant challenge here, but though new learning doesn't stick so easily traumas definitely seem to, or just meaningless remarks and interactions. I wonder if you can train yourself to let go of those as easily as you do to those things you learn that just don't stick; maybe trade priorities so you get stuck on the most unnecessary tidbits of wisdom instead...

Eidetic memory: do you have it to the point it's photographic? That you can read a page and easily recall the entire page should you need to?

Much obliged for the follow, and you know I really didn't realize I hadn't previously followed you either!!! XD Time to right these maybe essentially consequential wrongs now...

I tend to believe that any musical talents I may have are due - at least in part - to my peculiar style of learning and memory. I produce my own music now, but that stems from the ability to, as people say, play by ear. No professional training or music theory courses, though I've certainly put myself out there in many different ways over the years. Giving speeches, singing and playing in front of an audience, and generally pretending that I'm something other than the shy, introverted turtle that I was born to be. I honestly believe that we can train ourselves to do and be just about anything...within reason, of course. That said, a good portion of time and effort is always required.

For me, it's often like a little movie plays out in my mind's eye. I can see, hear, and recall everything that happened within that point in time with stunning clarity. I do seem to have a pretty good memory overall, but numbers and places and some details just don't seem to stick in quite the same way as others. For instance, while I could probably memorize dozens of digits of pi, I don't really see a need to do so. For me, since six digits feels like plenty, I can rattle off 3.14159 in an instant, without any real thought. Sure, the number is infinite, but I'm not so much of a bloody grandstander that I need to know some kind of ridiculous number of places. I'll leave that kind of thing to the real academic overachievers.

Why is it so easy to forget to click that little heart icon? I swear I'm doing better these days, really! I do try, at least. ^__^;;

And likewise! Always a pleasure to tune into whatever creative endeavors you leave in your wake.

Might I just say that I see your footprints on the site often, and it always makes me smile. You're a damn fine fellow, in my book! Good luck and godspeed in all that you do.