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I'm just a guy who enjoys a wide variety of artistic pursuits, both professionally and in my free time. Please check out my musical repertoire, and if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to leave a review or send me a message.

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Pixelmas sounds better than Pixelween; the latter sounds like it's the eve of something.
Speaking of which, I wonder what an 8-bit Holy Mass would look like.

Yes, I agree that Pixelmas sounds more apropos. ...Pixelgiving? Nah.

I can't quite imagine an 8-bit Holy Mass, but it would certainly be unique. And probably deemed sacrilegious by some. Then again, 8-bit Heretic might make for an interesting pseudonym. (;

Naw, I was thinking more like depicted in a game, but with people having done their research etc. But that's just me.

I figured you meant either in a game or movie, but I daresay it would still anger some overzealous group or other. Pretty much everything does. *shrug* Along with the Pixelmas talk from earlier, I'm currently envisioning an 8-bit version of the Christmas Story...

No harm in that! <3 Even if it'd anger some people out there.

How did I not see there was a post here last time I checked out this profile? :O Merry Belated great things from earlier this year indeed! I love that day. Hope some year I'll really have some greatness to contribute too.

News posts just don't end up being the main event, methinks. You should totally get in on the oldskool goodness next year! Rap over some Chiptune, man. It'll be epic.

Oh yeah that's a pretty cool idea. :) Collab potential?

As for the newspost highlight that's usually the part of a profile I look at first (and comment on if I do... usually) but there must have been something else mighty distracting last time I was here, albeit not so long ago that was...

Definitely a collab opportunity, man! No doubt. :D

Ah, well...as long as I managed to distract you with something awesome, it's all good. You managed to wander back and see it before I updated it, which - in retrospect - I should probably do a bit more often. C'est la vie.

Awesome. :) Gotta mark the calender...

Haha, yes, that you did, somehow. Alas all these things we wish to update... Picomas could've been a suitable occasion yes. Or maybe it's Picoween (oh hey that's actually a whole other thing)...

I see you're just about halfway to the top too btw. :) 2x10K status closing in...

Yup! Should be hitting 31 soon. But man, I really love Ash's shotgun from Evil Dead... xD

Complete with price tag and all. XD Always brand new, no matter how many have it... good thing there's that select-a-level-of-choice Supporter perk.

True dat! Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

Watch the marts for smart watches! Swatches for mosh-colored cloth Swatches, watch-snatcher bop swatters for purse drops and off posture: uplifting balloons, shoplifting goons, all this too soon... seems I can't get my mind of rhymes even when off haikus...

You know there's a time for rhyme, you're doin' your time, can't stop on a dime, it's always sublime.

Hey you're on a roll! Just watch that flow! There you go! Yo! Hmm. Late night's no time to great write prose...