2017 Submissions

NGADM 2017 Round of 64 Podcast Music Podcast
NGADM 2017 Auditions Podcast Music Podcast
Whispers of Remembrance Ambient Song
Anytown, RPG Video Game Loop
Gunslinger's Code: Keep Moving Forward Country Song
Dango Daikazoku Lullaby Classical Song
Snowblind Ambient Song
Megalovaniacal Tendencies (Undertale) Video Game Loop
Memory of You (Undertale) Video Game Loop
Edge of the Blade Miscellaneous Song
Homesick (EarthBound) Video Game Loop
Retrograde Meanderings Chipstep Song
Happy Christmas (Singalong) Brit Pop Song
Abyssal Reflection Ambient Loop
All Roads Lead Nowhere Classic Rock Loop
Forever Fantasy 2015 Fusion Song
Sytrus Mayhem Video Game Loop
Echoes of Fading Dreams Fusion Loop
What Lies Beyond Classical Song
One of Those Days Jazz Song
Africa (Singalong) Indie Song
Called to the Sea Classical Song
To Be With You (Singalong) Indie Song
Summer of 69 (Singalong) Indie Song
For Those Who Remain True Classical Song
Wind Requiem - Chill Mix Trance Loop
Bound for Home Classic Rock Song
Cracked Pavement Fusion Song
Afterimage Trance Loop
Pendragon Legacy Cinematic Song
Exploring the Rift Ambient Song
Radical Dreamers Video Game Song
City of Secrets Funk Loop
The Flower We Saw That Day Solo Instrument Song

2013 Submissions

Applause (Instrumental Cover) Dance Song
Apocalyptic Ambient Loop
Expression of Freedom Video Game Song
This is Not the End Classical Song
Tir Na Nog Fusion Song
Anthem of the Adventurer Cinematic Song
Tale of the Heroic Frog Video Game Loop
Enigmatic Paradox Ambient Loop
Truth Seeker Video Game Loop
The Gunslinger Returns Ambient Loop
Vertical Horizon Trance Loop
The Dream Takes Flight Miscellaneous Song
Bump in the Night Ambient Loop
-Destroyer of Worlds- General Rock Song
-Tides Of Love- Miscellaneous Song
You Were There (ICO) Video Game Song
The Moon (DuckTales) Video Game Loop
-Epitaph- Classical Song
-Synthesis- Miscellaneous Song
-Zephyr- Miscellaneous Song
Final Fantasy VI (Terra) Video Game Song

2011 Submissions

Prelude Finality Video Game Song
-=Anticipation=- Techno Song
-Farewell To Thee- Classical Song
-Space Voyage- Miscellaneous Song
-Zero G- Miscellaneous Song
-Ocean Eyes- Classic Rock Song
-=Destiny=- Miscellaneous Song
-Emotion- Miscellaneous Song
-Crisis IV- Miscellaneous Song
-Courage Within- Miscellaneous Song
-Young At Heart- Miscellaneous Song
-Haunting- Miscellaneous Song
-Aria Of Memories- Miscellaneous Song
-Gravitation- Miscellaneous Song
-True Love- Miscellaneous Song
-Fly With Me- Miscellaneous Song
-Risky Venture- Miscellaneous Loop
-On The Edge- Miscellaneous Song
-Insanity Miscellaneous Song
-Gunslinger Loop- Country Loop
-Dragon Flight- Miscellaneous Song
Legaia Video Game Song
-Deadly Opposition- Miscellaneous Song
FFX-2 Title Theme Video Game Song
-Carnival Of Chaos- Miscellaneous Song
-The Voyage- Miscellaneous Song
-Teleria- Miscellaneous Song
EarthBound Funk Video Game Song
-Technotronique- Techno Song
Bust A Groove Video Game Song
-Gunslinger- Country Song
-Darkness Trance Song
Wind Requiem Video Game Song
Splash Hill Zone Act 3 Video Game Song
Ashtear Video Game Song
Legend Of Zelda (25 years) Video Game Song
-Gyroscopic- Trance Song
-To Bravely Stand- Miscellaneous Song
Chrono Trigger (end theme) Video Game Song
Prometheus Video Game Song
-Nightmare Miscellaneous Song
-Snowbound- Miscellaneous Song
-The Day The Sorrow Fell- Miscellaneous Song
-Angels Without Wings- Miscellaneous Song
Lemmings!! Video Game Song
-Forever Fantasy- Miscellaneous Song
Dr. Mario (Fever) Video Game Song
-Dreamscape- Miscellaneous Song
Tetris (A-Type) Video Game Song
JENOVA Video Game Song
-Swirling Sands- Miscellaneous Song
-Raindrop Boogie- Jazz Song
-Crescent Moon Rag- Jazz Song
Mission: Impossible Techno Song
-Luminé- Classical Song
Enlightrancement--CT Remix Trance Song
Enlightenment--CT Remix Video Game Song
-Winter Solstice- Trance Song
-Pieces- Pop Song
KH Medley Video Game Song